All pizzas are available in Personal (loads for 1), Couples (for a couple of people) & Family (for 2 adults/2 kids.)

(Sorry no substitutions but additional toppings can be added at B.Y.O.P. topping prices.)


Just like Bayfield's Main Street, this pizza has everything you want.

Pepperoni - Mushrooms - Green Peppers - Onions - Olives

P $12.50 | C $16.50 | F $19.50

Mainstreet Light
Just like our Main Street only vegetarian for those who like to go light.

Tomatoes - Mushrooms - Green Peppers - Onions - Olives

P $11.50 | C $15.50 | F $18.50

The Admiral

Admiral Henry Wolsey Bayfield was considered by most to be a rather portly man, maybe because he was partial to this particular pizza! This pizza is fit for an Admiral!

Bacon - Pepperoni - Black Olives - Onions - Green and Red Peppers

P $13.50 | C $17.50 | F $20.50


In 1977, Bayfield was listed in National Geographic as having the world's most beautiful sunset, eeking out the big island of Honolulu. In honour of that drubbing we dedicate this pizza to Hawaii. Best enjoyed at Pioneer Park at sunset!

Pineapple - Ham - Bacon - Onions

P $12.50 | C $16.50 | F $19.50

Snow Day
Living in Bayfield, snow days are unavoidable. The best way to cope with these days is with a heat loaded pizza.

Marinara/Frank's Sauce - Hot Peppers - Jalapenos - Spicy Sausage - Onions

P $12.50 | C $16.50 | F $19.50

The B.V.T.

The founder of our beautiful town, Baron Van Tuyll was known by his friends as BVT. The Baron was also known for his love of meat. We're sure this pizza would 'meat' his expectations.

Pepperoni - Bacon - Ground Beef - Sausage

P $13.50 | C $16.50 | F $19.50


Our building has produced pizza since 1999. In keeping with tradition, we offer a 'New Old' Pizza favourite - pepperoni and cheese made out way (the square way!)

P $10.25 | C $12.99 | F $14.99


All pizzas starts with sauce and cheese.











Gluten-free or Cauliflower



Personal $.75 | Couples $1.50 | Family $1.75 | Gluten-free/Cauliflower $.75

*xtra cheese and chicken are considered 2 toppings.



italian sausage

green peppers

red peppers

banana peppers



ground beef



green olives

black olives





*xtra cheese

2 Family size pizzas, a 2 L pop and 2 dips (Admiral not included)


2 Couples size pizzas, a 2 L pop and 2 dips



Other Stuff

Guilt-Free Wings
(chickens can't fly anyway!)
Our wings are baked not fried with your choice of mild, medium, hot, suicide, honey-garlic, BBQ,

 Square Rub or Lemon Pepper Rub
$9.99/1 lb


The Flats
A mere 200 yards to the east of our building is the Bayfield River Flats.
So yep you guessed it!! Loads of buffalo chicken on a cheese covered flatbread.


Puttin' on the Ritz Garlic Strips

In the summer of '47 The Ritz Hotel at the end of Main Street burned to the ground. 

Before it's rebuild as The New Ritz many locals grew vegetables on the empty lot including garlic. 

Maybe this  explains this "local love" of this tasty treat.

Bare $4.99

with Cheese $6.50

with Cheese & Bacon $7.99

Marinara, Garlic, Ranch and Cheddar Habanero

Pop - $1.50/can | $3.99/2 L or $2.99 /2L w/order

Pop Shoppe Pop - $1.99
Juice - $1.50

Booch - $4.99
Coffee & Tea - $1.50

Blue Bayfield Refillable Water Bottles - $4.00 with $1.00 donated to Blue Bayfield.

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